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Digital Influencer has become a term used in the modern years to define someone who has the power to influence people through their social media channels, that being Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or even a blog. I personally hate that term, I feel like it has been completely discredited due to social media platforms constantly changing their algorithms (yes, Instagram, I’m pointing at you), buying followers, likes and comments on various platforms and the lack of reality that some people bring to the game, damaging a whole group of hard-working people. 

We all follow them, and we all want, more than anything, have their lives, the free stuff, the amazing trips to paradisiac destinations, the making money over posting a picture on the Gram. Overall their lives seam absolutely perfect as if they have no problems what so ever. They are the type of person who wakes up at 6Am every day, works out, has an amazing perfectly balanced breakfast and goes on to live another perfect day in their perfect life. I’m here to tell you to SNAP OUT OF IT! If you go to my Instagram you will see multiple pictures from my trips, cool beach shots, and pretty locations. Keep in mind that this represents around 10% of my daily reality. I don’t post pictures of my endless study nights, or all the times I cry (believe me there are a lot of those). Like every other person, I use social media to show the very best, most perfect version of myself. 

I wanted to post twice a week during the month of June here on the blog, however I had exams, then I decided to take a week of to be with my friends and my cousin (who was visiting from France) in Lisbon and then, when I was about to post again I got a really nasty reply to a tweet which made me feel completely wrong as a blogger, like I didn’t have a place on the internet and I couldn’t write anything for a few days without feeling ashamed of myself. I, of course, didn’t share anything about this on my platforms but the feelings were there. Influencers are not a hologram or a clone without any feelings, they are real human beings, they laugh and they cry the same way all humans do.

I personally like to follow people whose work is real. I try to filter influencers based on how they present themselves on all of their platforms. I love to watch a video or read a post about failure and to see that the successful person that I’m watching as, like me, also had some experience with that. Vlogs became my favorite type of content to watch because we get an inside on that person's life. Normally YouTubers are more real when they are vlogging then when they are doing a full edited sit-down video because in a vlog they are opening a little window to their lives so that all of their subscribers can watch it. 

The problem with some influencers, in my opinion, is the lack of originality, they see a formula that worked for someone like Zoella and they try to mimic that formula for themselves. This obviously doesn’t work because we already have one Zoella. In my opinion, the key to success (and I am by no mean near said success) is hard work and personality, the more real you are, the more real your followers are going to be. And after all, that is exactly what matters as an influencer. Having the ability to built a real and strong following audience. 

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  1. This is such a lovely post and I think we all need to embrace the uniqueness and not focus on others or what they're doing - that's the beauty with blogging! :)
    You look gorgeous!

    Layla x

  2. I'm really glad you liked it! Thank you for your kind words, this really made my day!