Swimwear Picks for the Summer|| Fashion

I was lucky enough to be born in what Vogue US called the European California, The Algarve, Portugal. I live a 15min drive away from the beach and it's my favorite place to spend the hot summer days. Of course that with beach weather we also need beachwear. I got 3 new bathing suits to show you on this blogger post and I am equally in love with every single one of them.

For the first bikini, I just used my black bikini bottoms that I've had for a couple of years now (and I have no idea where they are from) then I paired them with this palm leaf print top that I got from the Calzedonia Outlet Store. I blame Kalyn Nicholson for my new found love for this pattern. I love the white top with the vibrant pattern and the way it looks on my tanned skin. Also, the bikini can be tight around your neck or you can put it into stripes. The top as a bit of a push-up effect (which I don't particularly love, but it's ok) and it looks really good on. The bra shape makes the cut of this bikini really comfortable to wear. 

I decided that this year instead of buying only bikinis like I always do, I also wanted to get a bathing suit. For me, it's a cool way to be dressed and beach-ready, while still looking pulled together. I love a good bathing suit as much as a love wearing a body when I'm out and about paired with some shorts. The shorts I paired this bathing suit with are from Quebra Mar and I got them from last summer collection. The sunglasses I picked are a pair of aviators from Villanova.

The baithing suit itself was a barging I found at Primark. I paid 6€ and it's already one of my favorite summer pieces. I love the fact that it says Vitamin Sea (which is the best vitamin you can get this summer). I also love the bright blue color.
I never thought I was going to be the type of girl to wear a bathing suit instead of a bikini but apparently, I am and now I really want to get a bright red Bay Watch Style one. 

Last but not least, I got this amazing bikini from Calzedonia. I always go for strapless tops and the cut of this part really reminded me of the shells Ariel wears in the Little Mermaid Movie. I'm a sucker for bikinis that are a little bit different then the regular triangle shape ones and if they allow you to get some pretty cool tan marks I'm all in. 
To go with it I picked the matching bottoms. When it comes to bikini bottoms I like the ones that cover your butt pretty well and I also like it when they don't have any bowties or anything on the side (I could tell you as a kid how many times I went to the ocean and the bowties would come off in a wave or something and I would have to run to my mum asking her to tie them back together...)

And this is it guys, all the clothes (or lack of them) that are keeping me cool in 2018. I hope you guys like the post and I can't wait to write a bit more fashion content here on the blog! 


  1. You look sensational! Love the pattern of the bikini top so much! I'm desperate for a swimsuit this year but I'm really struggling as the majority are so low cut my boobs cannot stay in.. not a good look if there are young kids around haha! x

  2. Thank you so much, I confess I felt a bit insecure about doing a post that is me in a bikini. I have big boobs (DD cups) and I found really good options at Calzedonia. Also, Primark always has bigger sizes for good prices.
    I hope it helped!