How to step out of a rut || Advice

I've been in a rut. I feel like every year when summer starts all I want to do is to spend the day by the beach (which is noticeable if you've been up to date with my Instagram and latest blog posts ). I feel like summertime is a great time to reconnect with my own body and soul, to watch that TV Series you've been meaning to watch for so long, to go on that road trip you've been planning or even to just be caught up with your sleeping schedule.
Recently I went camping with my mum and my boyfriend to the same place I used to go camping every summer when I was a kid. I was allowed to disconnect with the world and reconnect with myself. 
Spending my days by the ocean and my nights looking at the stars really put things into perspective. 
We are part of a generation that lives so obsessed with numbers and likes that we forget to lift our heads from our phones and appreciate what we have. 

I feel like looking around us and seeking inspiration the world itself is the first step when it comes to getting out of a rut. Most times we feel this way because we forget why we are doing things, we stop enjoying what we do in order to put it simply as another bullet point on our to-do list. We forget why we started doing it and why we love it and this can be anything from working out to writing a blog post or even eating healthier. 

Once you took time to appreciate the world and reminded yourself why you are doing whatever you are doing I can guarantee that the excitement will start to come back, but you might still not know where to start, which leads me to my next tip, look for people who inspire you. When it comes to blogging this is my best tip. I have a few bloggers that are huge inspirations to me, whenever I'm stuck in a rut and I can't manage to write a word without it feeling wrong I like to spend time reading some blogs, commenting on Instagram pictures and just being an active member of the blogging community. I strongly believe that we only get what we give back and by sending positivity and good vibes eventually the same feelings will be back to us when we feel content with ourselves and our positions in the world it is easier to feel inspired and to snap out of it! (don't mind me, still crying about not buying tickets to go see Arctic Monkeys)

Last but not least, my piece of advice would be to just wait. Life is not a race, even though we sometimes feel like we are racing through it,  always worried about what is next, in such a way that we forget to enjoy what is now. I like to sit by my computer writing, at the same time I love to shoot pictures and sometimes I just do it because I need to have a post ready. I don't try my best and I don't present my best content and, obviously, my audience can see when things are rushed. Things flow better when we wait for the right time and moment. 
Sometimes what we planned for the day isn't what we feel like doing so we should feel free to change things up accordingly and do what really makes us happy because even though life is not a race it is racing past us and we shouldn't waste time by doing anything that we aren't 100% passionate about.

Photos by: João Machado 

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