After Summer & Before Fall a life update

It has been so long since I last sat down in from of my laptop that I am not even sure I still know how to write a blog post... This summer has been a roller coaster, to say the least. I had 3 different jobs, I tried to spend the days with salt in my hair and sand on my toes whenever I got the chance (let's face it, being from the Algarve this isn't too hard to do) and I finally am done with work! All I have to do now is to focus 110% on my blog.
So before I start that I want to say that becoming a blogger full time has been something that has been on my mind for way too long but I know that I haven't but the hard work and the effort necessary to do so. Once this is going to be my last year at university this has made it pretty real to me that I need to work my ass off this year to see how much further away I can take the blog this year. Good things are for sure coming.
I am for the first time ever deciding on a proper schedule and being able to plan ahead. I will post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and I decided to find a theme for each day so that you guys know what to expect. 

Miracle Monday: Because looking good on a Monday is sort of a Miracle I decided that I will do beauty content on Mondays, which can be anything from beauty looks, product reviews.
It can be makeup, body care, skincare, or pretty much anything that hopefully will make your Monday feel a bit more put together. 

Seasonal Wednesday: Here is where I am going to share basically everything that is related to trends, that being fashion posts, bloggers I am loving, playlist posts or anything that it's a trend. I will also upload my seasonal content on Wednesdays, for example if I do a post related to back to school or to fall you can expect to see that content every Wednesday!

Freestyle Friday: For Freestyle Friday I am going to post what ever I feel like, that being my advice posts, or my bullet journal ones, travel guides or pretty much anything else, there are no rules. I really think that this will help my constant on going brainstorming mind to not feel the pressure and the limitations of a stricter schedule. 

I'm also planning on refreshing the look of the blog and making it look more professional but I haven't set a date to do it, because I really want to make it good and If I start sharing dates before i know my full college schedule I will for sure feel the pressure and end up not doing it in the way I want to. 
Also, I will be more active on all my social platforms them being Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (which I am still trying to figure out), so feel free to follow me there because there will be daily updates.
Well and this is it! I hope you guys are as excited as I am for what feels like a mega fresh start here on my platform! Don't forget to be back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a new blog post at 6PM!

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