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Today I decided to shake things up with the agenda because it's much easier to get a post ready in a day I don't have any classes than when I have a day that it's packed from 9 to 5. Anyway, today I am going to write a post about clearing out your closet and how to spot having the "I have nothing to wear, with a packed wardrobe" feeling.

My mum always tells me that it's amazing how unattached I am to stuff. I declutter things at least once per season and believe, I am far from being a minimalist but I don't like to keep much stuff either, especially when it comes to clothes. The more I have the last I know what to wear. This summer, before moving back to Lisbon I went on a mission to give away, sell or get rid of all the clothes I haven't used all summer. If that happened it's because I don't identify with them anymore, they don't fit right or the piece is damaged in any way (you would be surprised to if I told you how many cool pieces fit under this category).

First of all, you need to get inspired to do so, getting rid of clothes it's not an easy thing to do, especially if you go in thinking that you might still want to wear this next season and that for sure that piece is coming back in style, when we all know it won't. Think about how do you want to present yourself to the world and if that bright pink mini skirt isn't showing it, toss it! Our clothes sometimes determine what our first impression to other people will be and we should always bring our A game (coming from a girl that wear leggings and sweaters all the time to classes). 

I think we should all own basics that we can dress up or dress down depending on the situation. My wardrobe is full of jeans and t-shirts but I know that if I pair them with a pair of heels and a blazer I can achieve a super pulled together look, at the same time if I pick some sneakers and a jean jacket to wear the look will look a lot more casual. 

One thing I found while clearing out my closet was my love for blazers. They can make an outfit look so much better, so far I own a baby blue, a black, a cream, a red and a grey one and I love all of them to pieces!

I hope this post helped you in some way even if it was just figuring out a few key pieces to your wardrobe! I have a lot more fashion posts I want to put up soon and I am trying my best to have at least a new one once a week (even if not on programmed schedule)! To see more of my outfits you are welcomed to follow me on Instagram which is where I post most of my clothing picks! 

 Outfit Details: Top: Zara; Pants: Pull&Bear; Sandals: Sketchers; Bag: Local Store 

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