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When it comes to beauty skincare is something I've only recently started to get keen on. I feel like makeup as always been a love for me and I would always focus on saving my money to get a few makeup items from pricier brands but I would never try and save for a skincare product. However, has I've been growing older and wiser I've been realizing that skincare plays a huge role in the way my makeup is going to end up looking and in how confident I feel in my own skin.

Today I decided to share with you all the products I've been using in my skincare routine and how I used them. Also, this is going to be the first ever blog post that I shot with a cellphone camera because the genius behind the keyboard here forgot to charge her camera before shooting all the pictures, only to get to the location and run out of battery...

Cleansers, balms, and face washes

Removing my makeup is something I always do, regardless of how tired I am (always keep a pack of makeup wipes in my night stand, so that if I'm to tired, to drunk, or just not in the mood I make sure to remove my makeup before going to bed). I've been using the Oil Infused version of the Garnier Micelar Water for many year now and I can say for sure that it's my favorite formula from the drugstore. I then use coconut oil to remove what ever is left on my face, I think coconut oil is a great option due to all it's great proprieties. 
When it comes to face washes I have been using the Simple Refreshing Face Wash, I like to use this product in the morning and at night if I didn't wear makeup during the day, I also clean my face with the Oriflame Facial Cleansing Brush, I feel like this step helps me exfoliating my skin and it has reduced the amount of black heads and breakouts I had to deal with since I started to use it. 

Toners, lotions and potions:

I have been using two types of toners, I start with the Yeves Rocher Hydra Végétal Hydrating Toner which is super soft on the skin and it smells amazing. I follow with the Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, this fluid lotion helps my skin to feel fresh and hydrated it's a step that truly made the difference on my skin since I started to apply it. I also sometimes use the Evian Water Spray to freshen up my skin during the day and also to remove micelar water from my face when I am too lazy to go to the bathroom. 

Hydration time:

I got the Origins Gizing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer as my day cream, this is a really fresh gel that hydrates my skin, smells amazing and it always helps me feel more awake due to how fresh this product is. My skin has never felt better since I started to use this product and I really want to get the rest of the line. 
For my night cream I've been using the Oriflame Optimals Hydra Radiance Night Cream, this one has a thicker texture but it still feels really fresh on the skin but it is a lot more hydrating then my day cream. 

This are basically all the products I've been using on the daily when it comes to my skincare routine, morning and night. I normally do one face mask a week and I try to drink a lot of water, specially in the summer. I feel like little things make more difference than what products you use. Skincare is something that has no universal formula and that you have a trial and error process until you find out what works for you.

Photos: João Machado 

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