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Welcome to this week #SeasonalWednesday, today I join you to talk about one of the biggest trends this season, leopard print. A post highly demanded from you guys on my Instagram pool.

I have been a lover of leopard print for a couple of years now and I have quite a few pieces in my closet to confirm that, but sometimes I find it difficult to style them, especially the accessories, so today I decided to do a post sharing my best tips and four completely different looks so that you can get some ideas when it comes to incorporating this pattern in your wardrobe. 

Look number one: Above all things comfort

Look number one is all about being comfy. This is for sure a look I would wear to classes or on the weekends if I am studying and just GYSTing around the house. I paired a super comfortable sweater from H&M (that I got 2 years ago but I'm sure you can get something similar in store once this pattern is so trendy at the moment) with some black leggings and then all I had to do was to pick some shoes and a bag. For shoes, I went with my good old skool Vans that are for sure my most worn pair of shoes and that keep the chill and comfy vibes the outfit askes for. For my purse, I went with a camel tote bag that I got in a little shop in my hometown, I feel like having a huge bag in which I can fit everything is an absolute essential when it comes to an outfit like this once I can carry everything I need with me, being binders, notebooks or even my laptop. 
So, if you are looking for a cool way to start the leopard print madness I would 100% recommend you buy yourself some loungewear in the print, something warm and cosy that you can wear all the time. I also find that something as big of a statement as a jumper is a great way to start incorporating any colour or pattern in your wardrobe. 

Look number two: Looking effortlessly put together

When it comes to the second outfit I decided that I wanted to create a look revolving around this scarf that honestly I have no idea where it's from. I've had this piece in my wardrobe for a few years and I never wore it (until the day I shot this pictures, I ended up liking this outfit so much I left the house wearing it). I figured that the best way to style a print when you have no idea how to do it is to go all black. I started with a super simple black tank top from Pomod (I've had my tops for almost 5 years and they still look absolutely amazing) and paired it some black high waisted disco pants from H&M that I got last year on the winter sales. Then I put my favourite booties from last fall, these ones from Primark that give a super edgy vibe to every look and my go-to Zara chain bag
To give a pop of colour to the outfit (and to keep this Autumn appropriate) I grabbed my Tifosi long jacket I got last year and that is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. 
I feel like accessories can by a tricky piece to style but, at the same time, are a great way to bring an outfit that otherwise would be boring to a super trendy side of the spectrum. Also, if you don't want to invest much money on a trend that will probably last a few months and never be talked about again these pieces are normally cheaper and do the job just fine. 

Look number three: The edgy rocker

If you know anything about me is that I love rock music, especially the classics (Queen, Beatles, Guns, Stones, Nirvana, you name it) and that I have a collection of band tees that would make any rocker jealous.  Leopard print is, in my humble opinion, one of the most Rock'n'Roll patterns out there and so to pair any leopard print item with a band tee is for sure a win.
To create this look I had as my centrepiece my leopard print sleep on Vans and I created a look that revolved all around them. I love to wear sleep on shoes with mum jeans, this light wash full of holes pair if from Pull and Bear (as are almost all my pairs of mum jeans) and I picked my favourite band tee which is this amazing one from Guns'n'Roses, I absolutely love the design of the logo and I've had it since 2013 when I went to Italy and bought it off a street seller. As far as accessories go I decided to wear my Zara fake letter bomber and my Primark backpack that is one of my favourite handbags to wear on the daily.
I would wear this look for almost any occasion but this qualifies for sure as my concert uniform, it's warm enough if the concert is outside and cool enough if we get too hot while dancing, the backpack can carry everything without a problem. 
When it comes to styling leopard print shoes my best tip would be to wear then when you are not wearing any other statement piece nor many patterns, let them be the star of your outfit and you will for sure look good.

Look number four: Smart professional with a twist

For my fourth and last idea, I decided to add something that would file under the pile of business casual clothing, something that is great to wear for a presentation in a class or if you work in an office. For this look, I picked up my best pick from the Autumn collections that are available. My beloved leopard print shirt. I picked this up from Pull and Bear when I was back to school shopping with my grandmother and I've worn it every chance I get ever since. To bring this look to the next lever I paired it with a black suit I got from Zara, I feel like this is an essential thing to any women in their 20s and if like me, you can't spend a fortune on a suit (which if you can I would totally recommend you invest) Zara has a pretty huge range very affordable options. 
For shoes, I went, yet again, with my Old Skool Vans but if you need to bring this look to the next level I would have paired it with some pumps (black, red, nude or leopard being my choices). To finish it all up I chose to wear my pearl gold necklace with it and my huge bag that works as a computer bag and it's amazing to carry this world and more inside, it's from Parfois.
This is a look I think is great for most occasions and I would (and have) wear it, you can bring it to be more or less formal depending on the situation and it's a more put together way to wear this trendy print. 

And this is it, guys! I must ask which look was your favourite and what are your favourite leopard print pieces?
Also, this is a blog post I am particularly proud of because I photographed it all myself, both the flat lays and the pictures of me wearing the outfits so all the comments and critics would be much appreciated!

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