3 Things That Will Guarantee You Love The Content You Are Creating|| Blogger Tips

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of bloggers, Instagrammers, influencers or whatever you want to call them,  that in a way I feel are putting up content just for the sake of putting something up. I have also fallen under that trap once or twice before, but lately (and even though I know I wasn't the most consistent during the month of October) I've been totally and deeply in love with all the content I am producing, either that being for Instagram or for the Blog. 
I feel like if you are not 100% in love with the object of your creation is away easier to fall out of track, to stop wanting to post and to fall into a rut. Today I am going to share with you a few of the tips that I have so that you are passionate about the content that you are creating and that will make it easier to pass that passion to your followers. 

Question yourself: Why are you doing this? What is your main goal?: If your main goal is making money I don't think you are coming from the right place. I can talk from experience, never in my life was I paid to write a blog post, post a picture on Instagram or tweet about something and even though I would like my blog to become profitable in some way in the future, this is not why I blog (if it was I would have given up a long time ago). I blog because I want to share my vision and my thoughts about different subjects to the world, I want to help people who may relate to me in some sense. My blog, to me, is my creative outlet and I absolutely love it, it's my baby and it's the place where I can be 100% myself and where no one will judge me for it. Following this, all the content I produce has to show this in a way, has to be filled with passion and personality, if it shows that there is a 50% bigger chance of me loving the content I am creating. 

Produce content firstly for you, then for your audience: Would you read your own post/ like your own picture or retweet your own tweet? If the answer is no,  most likely your audience will feel the same way. You have to be pleased with whatever it is that you are producing, just drop it. In an industry like this one you have to your number one fan, you have to push through the lonely times, when brands said no to you and every single time you felt that you simply weren't good enough. Blogging is a lonely job even if you have an amazing community behind you that supports you and that is always there to cheer you up. There are no coworkers, you are building your brand and if your brand should be something is based on things that you absolutely love and would consume yourself, this includes not only products but also creative productions such as blog posts, photographies, art, web design, etc. 

Figure out what works and what doesn't: This step is very important and it can only be achieved based on a trial and error process. Lately, I've been narrowing my style of writing and shooting a lot more. I figured I love to shoot flat lays and more aesthetically pleasing images of products rather than simply more studio like photographies. I've figured I like to share my personal story with the products I talk about away more than simply reviewing them. I figured I prefer to shoot outfits outside and have my picture taken, instead of using a tripod for advice or fashion posts, however, I prefer to be my own photographer when it comes to beauty and makeup posts, because I can get a better angle and a better way to represent myself in a more personal and creative way. 
This, I repeat, doesn't happen overnight, you don't wake up one day having it all figured out, you learn from trying different options and different techniques, but believe me, once you do have it figured out you will be much happier and excited about getting anything ready.

And these are my top three tips on how I make sure I am always loving the content you are producing. Realizing these little things has helped me a lot when it comes to staying motivated to blog and if this post helps at least one of you it will truly make my day! I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject so feel free to drop me a comment so that we can engage. 

Photography: João Machado 


  1. "Produce content firstly for you, then for your audience." This is so important! (Also love your jacket in these pictures.)


  2. So glad you liked my post sweet Dana!
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