Alex Steinherr x Primark: Luxury Quality at Affordable Prices?

What happens when a well-known beauty editor joins forces with an affordable retailer in order to create a line of skincare that all of her readers can afford, that is easily available to everyone around Europe (and in the US as well) and that tries to have the same quality of the expensive products that are usually recommended. This is what happened when Alex Steinherr (who was director of Glamour UK for 11 years) collaborated with good old Primark to create a skincare range. I've been using a few of the products for a couple of months now and I think I can finally write a well-informed post about them! 
The range is divided into five categories them being: Pollution Solution, Pore Balance, Sleep Spa, Maximum Moisture and Plump & Glow, I've tried products from the first three categories once they were the ones that caught my attention first from the portion of the range that was available in my local Primark. 

Pollution Solution: 
This range, according to Alex was developed having in mind the level of pollution to which our skin is exposed when we live in the city. From this range, I got the Daily Skin Starter which is nothing more than a makeup primer, something you will apply on top of your moisturizer and that will give your skin a foundation for makeup. This one has a gel texture and it's really fresh on the skin. I find it to be very hydrating at the same time. I use it to replace my Too Faced HangoveRx sometimes and I think that works just as nicely even though I find the Too Faced one to be a bit more hydrating this one is more refreshing on the skin and it leaves my skin with a more glowy feeling. I sometimes also use it on its own without makeup, on top of moisturizer. 

Pore Balance:
This is the range for everyone that has a more oily skin type. From the range, I have the Super Detox Clay Mouse Face Mask and the Low-pH sulfate-free cleanser. 
From all the products I've tried, I must say the cleanser was the less impressive one. I had been in the market for a low pH cleanser for a while after reading a lot about how good a low pH cleanser was for your skin however I don't find this one to be anything special. I am not saying that I don't like it because I do but is for sure a similar product to many others that I have tried, at least I didn't notice anything special in my skin while using it, but let's keep in mind I normally get my cleansers at a much higher price and my skin behaved the same, so that for sure is a good sign.
The mask is an amazing product. I had a few questions about it so I send a DM on Instagram to Alex who answered me in the same night saying that we should apply it for as long as we find it necessary, she does it for 10 minutes normally, I prefer going for 20. The texture is amazing, its a super light and creamy texture that feels like we are putting whipped cream on our faces. It always leaves the skin feeling clean and hydrated (of course I always moisturize afterward but it doesn't make my skin feel dry).

Sleep Spa: 
A range made to revive our skin while we sleep. This is the best discovery I've made from the whole collection. I own the Sleeping Face Mask and the Every Night Eye Mask. I use these products every day. They are super moisturizing and nourishing. I feel like my skin has been a lot more hydrated without being greasy or breaking out since I started using these products. The Sleeping Mask is a very nourishing night cream and the Every Night Eye Mask has a gel texture and it's both refreshing and hydrating. I feel like my under eyes are a bit less noticeable since I start using the product (but it's not a miracle worker and concealer is still my best friend). I think these two are my absolute favorites from what I've tried so far and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of this range. My skin really reacted well to the formula of these products and I think I will always have backups of them on hand.

I feel like overall this collection is amazing. The results that I managed to achieve at the low price range really works for my skin. However, keep in mind that everybody skin is different and that what works for me might not work for you. Although I think that at this price point you really should give it a try for yourself. The range as I said is available at Primark and the collection is permanent. 
On one last note, I want to say that the Alex x Primark range is Vegan and 100% cruelty-free as well. 

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