How I Plan Planning 2019 : My Bullet Journal

I'm starting to feel like a pro at the art of Bullet Journaling. I've been keeping a BuJo since I was in 11th grade and it has become more and more my creative outlet. I love the method because it allows me to be as creative as I want to, without the added pressure of failing or doing it wrong,  because there are no rules. Deep down, and if you want to be part of the Bullet Journal community you need nothing more than a pen and a notebook, by following the method you will be creating your own planner, something that is 100% adapted to your needs. If 2019 is the year you are starting to Bullet Journal I would recommend you to find any notebook you already own and try the method first, no need for fancy pens or fancy notebooks. I only committed to a Leuchtturm or a Moleskin after 3 years of using the method. 
In my opinion and with the crazy amount of content that it is available online on the topic I think it's important to leave a few reminders, especially, if you have been wanting to try it but you feel like you can't because you are not artsy enough. 

I suck at drawing, however, and because this is my main creative outlet in a physical form, I like to try a few header designs and a few different caligraphies when writing quotes and things like that, however, this is not needed. You can keep your spreads as simply as you want them, I personally think that the simplicity of some pages is what makes minimal Bullet Journals so pleasing to look at. 
2019, however, will bring a bit of a change when it comes to how I plan. I decided that this year I wanted to use my iPhone a bit more as a planner and for that, I am using nothing more than the calendar app on it. I've started creating time blocks so that I can have a full view of what my day looks likes since I wake up until I go to bed, this will help me keep on track of stuff when I am on the go and can't take my Bullet Journal with me. I've color coordinated everything with pastel colors so that it looks organized and at the same time it matches my Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters that I use in the kye of my Bullet Journal, this is how both my digital and my physical planning methods come together. 
Another helpful thing I've started doing was to always braindump everything into my notes app, this way when I am planning a month I already know what blog posts I want to create or what movies I want to go to the cinema and watch. This way I can always be organized and I am not 100% dependent on either method. 

Since December that I've been planning more and more following this coordination of digital and physical forms, and I have been truly loving it. After so many years of having a BuJo as my only planning form, this feels revigorating and it made me excited again to use the notebook as my planing method. 
Right now my main supplies are a Leuchtturm 1917 grey notebook (I parted ways with the official BuJo notebook because I fancied a different color and the main advantage in the original one for me was that the pages were numbered, which also are in this one). And I use a regular bullet point black pen from Bic. I also use the Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters and a ruler (which is more often than not replaced by a card) and nothing else, I keep it simple and that is the way it works best for me. However, this method is so personal that a very high maintenance super fancy BuJo might be what works for you.
Don't forget to read Ryder Carroll website in which he explains every step of the method he created. I will be reading his new book on it this year as well!
If you want to check my 2018 and my 2017 Bullet Journals feel free to go back and visit those posts!

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