Looking at my Phone from a New Perspective

A few months ago I was mugged and they took my phone, the experience made me realize how dependent I was on my phone and how much I relied on it to do almost everything. How I wasn't able to simply walk down the street without having this little object in my hand and how much I was missing out of the world because of it. 
I am addicted to my phone and to social media, I spend 2hours on Instagram today (I know, shame on me), I do a lot of meaningless scrolling and even though that is a habit that I am trying to break I still do it. 
When I got mugged I was in Lisbon and I couldn't come home to deal with the problems of replacing my phone for around a week, which meant that I was phoneless for a week and this truly changed my perspective.  

I found myself being more aware of everything around me. I would go to the tube and see everyone there on their phones while I would just observe because I didn't have a phone to be on. I could observe how obsessed people were with their own little worlds, too obcessed to care about anyone else, too obsessed to even look away to say polite things like I'm sorry after bumping into someone. 
I also got to enjoy my days more because I didn't know what time it was at all times, I ended up being more spontaneous once I didn't get to text anyone before making a decision and to be more present on the present moment instead of living planing the future or stuck in the past. 
Of course that that week had its downsides as well. It was terrible not having my phone to set an alarm in the morning and having to ask one of my flatmates to wake me up, or not being able to post on Instagram which I feel is an essential part of my work here on the blog. Besides that, I start looking at the world with different eyes, I started being more mindful of the unnecessary time I spend on my phone especially when I am out of the house and there are so many better things to look at than a screen. 
So I challange you to try and not look at your social media when you are out of the house, do it for a week and see how much of a prison from the real world your phone truly is and how much you can observe when you are focusing on something else.

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