Minimal Makeup Challenge - What I've Learned and Why You Should Do It Too

The Begining

After watching Sarah Therese Minimal Makeup Challange Video I decided I wanted to try it for myself. The challenge consists of creating a curated version of our makeup bags, including only products we find to be absolutely indispensable. I grabbed my little Harry Potter makeup bag and got to picking.  I managed to create a full face of makeup using only eight products, nine if you count lip balm, no foundation, no blush, no eyeshadow or setting spray. It felt crazy. I felt pretty and yet I was wearing half of the makeup I normally used. 

The products that made it to my list were: 

- Oriflame The One Browcara
- Color Pop Lippie Sticks in Girl Gang // Can't Wait 
(I kept two lip colors to change things up a bit)

I also made a commitment to reduce the number of tools I used to create the full look and I managed to have only 4 tools with me
- Beauty Blender
- Very dense Powder Brush 
- Bronzer Brush 
- Highlighter Brush

The Process

I must confess that I was really afraid at first. In Sarah's video, she had picked 11 products, I was picking 9 and that was enough to make me scared. Questions pop into my head: Was I forgetting something? Would I survive for a month without any eyeshadow? (dramatic I know...) Should I have picked two lipsticks that are almost exactly the same shade? Why on earth was I doing this? 
Honestly to start was easy, I created the first minimal look almost by mistake, as I said above and then I just kept going from there. Repeating the same products and look over and over again and I must say it brought multiple advantages to the table. 

1- I was spending less time thinking about makeup, doing my makeup and worrying about makeup. I only had one product of each with made it very easy when picking what to use that day. I kept changing up the lip color I was wearing every other day even though they were very similar they made my makeup feel different enough. 

2- I was barefaced most of the time. It could be the fact that I had a bunch of classes at 8 AM or the fact that sometimes I just couldn't be bothered, but the fact is that I was not wearing makeup quite often, and I felt great!

3- Either the eight or nothing at all. If I went without the primmer the concealer wouldn't go as smoothly, if I went without the highlighter I would look very weird (the reason I picked a pinkier highlighter was so it would double as some sort of blush), and so one. So I was either doing all my steps or showing my makeup-free face to the world.

4- Two similar lip colors does make sense. I know, crazy! But let's face it, you probably wear almost the same shade every day anyway, the brand might change, the formula might change but the color is always around the same spectrum, apart from the occasional red or purple (in my case at least), so it is for sure a smart decision to have two similar colors as an option, they will change your look just enough while still making it look the same.

5- You truly have to be committed to the products you pick. This one is kinda obvious, but I felt like I had to say it. You are not picking a list like mascara, concealer, bronzer, etc. You are picking specific products so you have to know that they work together and that they help you achieve what you want. At the same time if there is a product in your collection that you want to use more of this would be a good occasion to do so.

At the end

And so this leads us to my final thoughts after a month using the same eight products repeatedly. 
Firstly, this felt like a project pan and it truly made me fall back in love with makeup, as you can see from the pictures the products are all almost dead, which is both good and bad. Good because I get to go makeup shopping, bad because my wallet is crying already. 
I am more excited about my other products as well, I want to play with eyeshadow more and more and I want to use blush (God, I've missed blush so much), and experiment with different lipsticks as well. 
I truly think everyone should do this challenge, especially us bloggers with a lot more products than what we need. It doesn't mean I don't love all my products or that I am throwing everything away, cause I am not, but it means I got to see things with other eyes, I got to try and experiment and I truly feel like my makeup purchases are going to be a lot more conscious  from now on. 
I love makeup, it's the reason why I started blogging in the first place and I love creating beauty content. However, it feels great to have decided on what my staple products are, what I actually need to have with me when I am traveling and what products I truly can't live without.  

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