The Colour Pop Edit: Makeup Review

Colour Pop is one of those brands I've always wanted to try, but always restrained myself from buying, maybe because it's only available online or because anything we get from outside the European Union, here in Portugal, gets stuck in costumes and we have to pay almost the same as we paid for the products in fees. When they did a Free WorldWide Shipping for Black Friday I didn't think twice and I got a few items. Recently when a similar deal was available on their website I got a few more, and I can't wait for Free Shipping to be a deal again so that I can get more and more. 
I'm now going to do a rundown of all the products I own from the brand, with my honest thoughts an opinions. 

The Lippie Stix (5.50$) :

Most people would save the best for last, on the contrary, I decided to start with my favourite product from the bunch. I'm talking about the Lippie Stix, a lipstick that looks almost like a pen, the elongated packaged combined with the thin bullet allows the application to precise without needing to use a lip pencil first. At the same time, they have an ultra-matte finish making them very comfortable to wear while still being long-lasting (they last all day in the lips, expect if I have an especially messy meal, like a burger or something). I risk saying that this is the best formula on lipstick I have ever tried. 

As of right now (and I will for sure get more) I own three shades of the Lippie Stix:

Ziggie (a terracotta orange shade), Girl Gang (A nude with a mauve undertone) and Can't Wait (a brownie nude with a very very slight pink undertone).

The Crème Lux Lipstick (7$) 

The other lipstick Colour Pop has available on their website is the Crème Lux Lipstick, a classic bullet lipstick with a very sturdy rose gold metal package. The package is decorated with little stars all over and so is the bullet of the lipstick itself. This alone is enough reason to buy the product, once it's going to look super cute on anyone's makeup bag. It shows, at the same time, the amount of thought the brand puts into their products. 
They have various finishes available but I decided to go for a creamy finish. The fact that this formula is a lot creamier than the Lippie Stix also makes the product last less time on the lips (I would say around 4 hours without the need to touch up) but it also makes it very hydrating and comfortable on the lips. 

The shade I picked was Pinkies Up (a nude shade with a slight mauve pink undertone). As you can see for the swatches the lip colours I picked are almost identical something that wouldn't happen if I could swatch the products beforehand, but also something that doesn't upset me once it's the type of shade I lean towards on daily basses. 

Pressed Powder Shadow Pallet in I think I love you (16$) :

Deciding which pallet to get was a very serious, yet complicated task. I wanted them all (and at their low prices it was hard not to get all of them) but I ended up deciding on this beauty, the I Think I Love You because it was a neutral pallet with a twist (yes I am talking about that beautiful bright gold yellow shade).
 I knew I was going to wear all of the shadows and that I could create many looks only with it so it would be perfect for my constant state of being in Lisbon and in the Algarve, living of a makeup bag. 
The package is compact and made of cardboard which makes it not very resistant, and the fact that it doesn't have a mirror is a problem for me as well, especially because it's a great travel pallet, and it's when travelling that we need the mirrors that come on pallets the most. I do, however, understand why those aspects are missing in the pallet, especially when you are paying so little for amazing quality shadows. 
The shadows are all very pigmented, but the shimmers have a lot of fallout but are extremely pigmented. 
I am truly happy with this pallet and it has been one of my most used ones since I got it back in November. 
I think if you want to buy a new eyeshadow pallet you should give Colour Pop a test because you will most likely love it, they are budget-friendly and a quality that can be compared with brands such as Urban Decay or Too Faced. 

The Super Shock Shadows (5$) 

Around 5 years ago I got my first MAC product, it was a limited edition single eyeshadow, one of the MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows, a limited edition product that I got in Paris, never found in Portugal and that I fell in love with. At the time I didn't have a lot of makeup skills and so the wet to powder texture that I applied using only my fingers was quick and always looked amazing. Never have I found anything like it in any other brand, until the day this product arrived! 
The Super Shock Shadows are exactly that, a cream to powder wet looking eyeshadow that looks absolutely gorgeous on the eyes. 
Since I got them they became part of my everyday routine, either to accentuate or give a shiny touch to a matte look or on their own as my complete I makeup, it takes me 2 minutes to do my complete eyeshadow routine with them and I am obsessed! 

The shades I got were ZZZ (a copper red with some pinkie notes and a metallic finish) and A Little Quarky (a cool toned golden shade with blue and purple undertones and a glitter finish). I love both shades and I think they look really good on my skin tone. This is the type of product I would recommend to anyone who is either starting exploring the eyeshadow world or that doesn't have much time in the morning, yet wants to use something on the lids in order to look very put together. 

The Super Shock Blush (8$) :

The item I was more on defence about getting was one of the Super Shock Blushes. I had read reviews and a couple of friends had told me that they worked best when applied with a duo-fiber brush or a beauty blender, and that scared me a bit. The idea of applying blush with a beauty blender made me feel like I would have zero control when applying the product, but boy was I mistaken. The fact that I am applying the product with a beauty blender (the best way to apply it, in my opinion) it makes the product look very natural when on the skin but it also allows me to build the colour up in order to have it look a lot more intense. I haven't worn any other blush since I got it (and its only 20% because I was testing it, the other 80% is simply because I love it).
The shade I got was Holiday (a beautiful peachy pink colour). I think that this is the perfect blush for summertime makeup in which I tend to go for more creamy products but I still want them to last a long time on the skin. 

I am truly in love with this brand and I can't wait to get my hands on more products!
If you have tried Colour Pop in the past please let me know what are your must-have products so that I know what to get next time I place an order!

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