5 Skincare Products I've Added to my Rotine

My skincare routine has always been quite complete with a mix of high street and high hand products. I've started wearing makeup at a young age and (THANKFULLY) I was always aware of the importance of removing my makeup and taking good care of my skin. Today I am going to share with you five products I've been wearing for a few months and really enjoying. 

Hydra Végétal Radiant Exfoliating Gel (Yves Rocher - 7.70€): I try to exfoliate my skin at least once a week, I feel like exfoliation is an important step in order to keep my skin looking glowy and less oily. This is the product I've been using for almost 5 months to exfoliate. I really like it. I truly think this is a section of my routine I still need to try more products and explore more. I think this a good product, but keep in mind this is a category in which I haven't tried many of this category. 

Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser with Saw Palmetto and Mint (Origins - 19.95€): This is one of my favourite face washes of all time. I always buy face washes that are designed for oily skin, in order to help me control the oil production of my skin. This product has become one of my favourites. Firstly I love the smell (even though I know it won't be to everyone's taste). The formula is really good and a little goes a long way. I would really recommend this one for people with an oily skin type. Both mint and Saw Palmetto are great ingredients when it comes to treating acne, which for me works has a big plus. 

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner (Khiels - 20€): Kiehl's is one of the best brands in the market when it comes to skincare. I had never tried anything from them before, but after getting my free skin diagnosis (which is something anyone can do at any Kiehl's store) I decided to buy this toner, once it was the product that I needed to replace at the time in my routine. I am really glad I did. I really notice a difference when I skip this step in my routine I really notice a difference. This product helps blemishes to try and it's my biggest ally when it comes to keeping my skin oil-free. Because of it I really want to get all the products that were recommended to me at their counter.

Alex Steinherr x Primark Plump & Glow Serum-in-cream Moisturizer (Primark - 6€): I always want my skin to look as glowy and hydrated and it possibly can. For that, I try to go for a moisturizer that potentializes those aspects. This is a more budget-friendly option. This is one of the best moisturizers I've tried. This is a great value for money product. My skin feels very moisturized after using and it has quite a natural glow. I sometimes skip primer when using it because this product has quite a thick texture, which makes it feel like enough base for my foundation. 

Rêve de Miel Stick Balm (Nuxe - 6.10€): If you've been following me for a while you would know that I've been battling with super dry chapped lips. I've tried multiple lip balms and I keep a tube on me at all times. Around Christmas time I got the sick version of the classic Nux Rêve de Miel. I think this might be one of my favourite lip balms of all time. It truly works, which believe me, it's not something I say without thinking. I use it every day. I use it while doing my makeup in the morning and I take it with me everywhere I go. If you want a good budget-friendly lip balm, this is a product I would 100% recommend. 

And this is it! I've really been enjoying trying more skincare products and consequently learning more about my skin. The moment we that conscience that skin is the biggest organ on our bodies and one that we more often than not neglect, the moment we make the choice to look at skincare with the same eyes we look at eating healthy foods or working out the difference will be noticed. I know that if I don't drink enough water or if I have too much sugar my skin is more prone to breaking out. The same way if I skip my routine for several days. 
So go drink a glass of water, and reflect on your own routine. I truly hope this blog post helped in some way and that you try some of these great products. 

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