Stepping out of my Comfort Zone with the Avon Mark Collection

2019, the year I promised to be more inventive with makeup. This might be my first step out of my comfort zone regarding eyeshadow but I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try the Avon Mark Collection.
I love how this collection has such minimal packaging, something that is the opposite of the fun and vibrant colours of the products.
 I own a few products, almost enough to create some sort of full face and so that was what I decided to do. I did not wear the lipstick with the eyeshadow because Neon Pink on the lips and purple on the eyes totally wasn't a vibe I was going for. 

The first product I used was the Matte SPF20 Fluid Makeup. This may be my favourite product from the bunch. This is a very light coverage foundation that (regardless of what the name says) is everything but matte. I love how easy to apply it is and how glowy it makes my skin look. This one is going to be one of my main allies during the warmer months. 

Then I followed with the star of the show, also known as,  Loose Pigment Eyeshadow in Dazzling Violet. This product was a challenge that I accepted with open arms. I had never used a loose pigment before and I had never used purple eyeshadow but I knew that it could work really well. I decided to give it a try. Being more inventive with makeup means not only colours, but techniques, and products that we may be afraid of but that may also surprise us. I loved the colour of this eyeshadow and it lasted pretty well on the lids. I used concealer to prime my eyes and I didn't powder on top of it. I also used another tone of purple to blend the eyeshadow in and give a bit more dimension to the look.

To finish my eye look I used the Big and Daring Volume Mascara. This one is not my favourite mascara of all time because it leaves the lashes quite clumpy. However, if you LOVE volumizing mascaras I think you will really enjoy this one. I honestly think that some huge lashes are needed in order to finish up this kind of look. 

The lipstick I own from the Mark Collection is in the shade Be Loud, a neon pink that is as out of my comfort zone as it gets. It has a creamy formula and it doesn't last ages on the lips thanks to that. If you are ready to embrace the neon trend I think this shade might be a good option and I must confess I am very tempted to create a look using this product. 

To finish it all of a few sprays of the Magix Prep and Set Spray I don't have much to say about this one except that is a very good product. It makes my makeup stay for a long time even in the hot 35ÂșC weather that we have been presented with here in Portugal. This one is the one I've used for the longest time from the range and I truly am a fan. 

And this is the finished look. It feels strange to show a look that I've created here on the blog after so long, but I truly hope you liked it. I must remind you again that I am just a 21-year-old trying to play with makeup and learn something along the way. 


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    1. It was my first time trying it and I really really liked all the products!