Life Update: From the Algarve with Love

Another school year is over. Another Summer is beginning and I am home for the Summer months. I'm home, I'm free. I took a much-needed break and here I am. I'm back and full force. 
The last six months made me realize, more than ever, that what I truly love to do is to share my vision of the world. Not only in words, but in pictures and in video form. For the rest of the year, all I want is to create better content. I am not worried about schedules or posting a lot, all I want right now is to try and let you see the world with all the beauty that I am able to see in it.

Taking a break allowed me to go to the beach, tan in the sun, take a dip in the ocean and go to the cinema a lot! Taking time off is something I've realized is essential, it allows us to see things from a different perspective. It changes our point of view on everything. I would one hundred per cent recommend you to do the same. We need to realize that feeling stressed all the time and like we are a bomb ready to explode at any second it's not a good thing. It doesn't make you a better or more hardworking person. It is not positive and Summer is the best time to relax and unwind. If all you want to do is to spend a full day at the beach or at home watching Netflix, I promise you don't have to feel guilty about it.

I also finished my third year of university. It feels like only yesterday I was sitting behind the computer and writing about my 1st year of Uni, and now that 2020 is approaching I realized it will be my last year there. I really want to write a full blog post about what I've learned in the past three years and a whole reflection on my time while being at Uni, but for now, I want to say that I feel absolutely terrified of being done with it. Studying is all I know how to do, I know how to get good grades, how to balance my time but school and studying as ALWAYS been a factor in the equation, the day that it won't be is coming. The day in which I will be an adult, I will have responsibilities, big decisions to make, to get a job or do a masters, to stay in Lisbon or move somewhere else. We never know what life has o offer, but the sooner it approaches, the harder it becomes to make decisions because you learn the power that those (said decisions) have. They are the stones in the adulthood path, the foundation of the House of Being a Grownup. 
Anyways, I truly believe in doing what if feels right at the time and we will always sort out the rest. I try not to worry about my life and the future so that I am able to focus all my energy in positive thoughts and good vibes.

Last but not least (if this was a list this would probably be first). I STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! As you can see on my first video I am pretty insecure about stuff in general. I thought about starting a channel, it was something I had on my mind for years, I've had various attempts to do so and I always gave up, I made up excuses and I never took the step forward to simply do it. I came to the realization that if I didn't I would always have that "what if" feeling with me, and I truly didn't want that. So I did it. I am going to see how it works if it goes well great, if not, at least I would have tried.
So let's see how that goes, my new challenge, something that was in my 2019 resolutions and that I managed to take down! 

For now, all I want is to keep the good energy that I have going on. To keep feeling as happy as I am, not struggling with anxiety not struggling with anything basically.  Wednesday I will go to Lisbon for a couple of days for what's probably going to be the last time this summer and then I'm back in the Algarve for exciting times! I can't wait to keep sharing my life with you, here, on YouTube or on Instagram. It's amazing that I have created this digital diary, where I will be able to look back, no pictures lost (as it happens so many times). I will be able to read posts like this and see exactly where my mind was at that specific moment, how I looked and what was I doing. I truly love to blog, to create content and to feel like I have a door open to truly be myself. Thank you for being on that side and for helping me keep this going. 

Love, Ana

Photography: Alexandre Serôdio
Location: Loulé, Algarve, Portugal 

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