5 Products I Can't Live Without

I've been sharing little collections of 5 products here on the blog during the whole of 2019. It is something that I've really been loving to do, it makes me think more before mentioning a product here. It makes me more aware of what I am consuming, it's the basic rule of quality over quantity (also the reason why beauty posts have been less and less frequent). For today's post, I decided to talk about 5 products that I keep on me at all times. I can't live without these products. I've had all of them for years and years and I always go back to them. They are mostly affordable, and they are, in my opinion, the best option in the market. 

 HangoveRx Hydrating Primmer (Too Faced - 35.50€): This product was first mentioned here in May 2017. 2 years later and countless bottles of this beautiful primmer it's still going strong for me. 
I love the effect it gives on my skin, when I apply it I feel like a glowy goddess, when I am without it my makeup doesn't last as long, my skin doesn't look has glowy and it's like my skin is hangovered for it. 
It smells of coconuts and it has a light moisturizing texture. It is absorbed by the skin within seconds and it gives my skin looking moisturized, glowy and healthy. I love it underneath makeup but I love it on its own just as much. It's the perfect product to keep people from asking me if I am sick (something that happens all the time when I go makeup free).

Micellar Cleansing Water (Garnier - 4.45€): I've tried all the versions of this product that have been made, as you can see from this October 2016 post.  The original will always be my favourite. This is the only micellar water I trust to remove makeup from my skin on daily basses. It is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, perfect for any skin type even the most sensible ones. I would 100% recommend this product, especially because it is also super affordable. A great product to always keep on hand. I use it every single day and I have done so for more than 2 years. It's the type of product I keep backups in case it gets discontinued because I literally don't know what I would do without it.

Lip Liner Pencil in Desert Sand (Primark - 1.5€): Another product I've first tried in 2016 was the Primark lip liners. I was never a lip liner girl before them and they converted me. The formula is incredible, they are smooth and very pigmented. I love the shade Desert Sand the most, to the point I have one in my purse, another one with my makeup and 4 unopened as backups just in case the shade gets discontinued. It is the perfect neutral mauve pink tone to use underneath any lipstick shade. It also works amazingly on its own or with a small layer of lipgloss on top.

The Traceless Hair Ring (Invisibboble - 5.50€): I've been using invisibobles in my hair since they started being sold in Portugal, even though they were only mentioned on the blog in December 2016. I never used any other type of hair elastic since. They are perfect, they don't hurt my hair, they don't break (only after months and months of use), they don't give me headaches or anything like it. This is by far the best hair product I own, one I will always recommend this brand when people ask me what hair ties to get, I don't care if you have curly, thick, thin or straight hair. This is by far the best option in the market regarding hair ties.

Elvive Low Shampoo (L'√≥real - 5.99€): Finally a product that I am sharing for the first time, but it doesn't stop being a favourite because of that. This product was released in Portugal in 2017 and after many years of watching Victoria from Inthefrow talk about it, I knew I had to get it to know what the hype was about. It is my favourite shampoo formula on the market. It leaves my hair looking shiny and hydrated without using conditioner afterwards, something that never happened to me before. This is one of the best drugstore options when it comes to hair care and one I keep on my bathroom at all times.

And this is it guys, these are the 5 products I can't live without. 5 products I think are totally worth the try. I would 100% recommend any of these (especially as the majority is pretty affordable). Those are products that have been part of my routines for years and that I trust completely.

Photography: Ana Teresa Pessoa 

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