My Summer Favorites Products

Summer is a season of long days and longer nights, almost no makeup and consequently a change in my product stash. Today I decided to hop on here and kick off my favourite month of Summer with a few products I have been loving this past few months. From skin care to body products and makeup items here are my favourites of the moment. 

 Ultra Light Face and Neckline Protector (Ecran Sun - 9.99€): Sunscreen is an essential all year round, but it becomes even more important in the Summer when we are more exposed to it. After going to my local drugstore I was recommended this brand, that apparently is quite big in Spain but that I had never heard of before. I got this product after I got an awful sunburn, needless to say, that I never missed sunscreen on my routine again. I truly like this one, it's inexpensive and it doesn't let me burn. At the same time, it's hydrating and it doesn't leave a white cast behind. I would really recommend this product and this brand. 

Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender (Mario Badescu - 9.90€): Mario Badescu is one of those brands that are Instagram dreamy. The brand only started to be sold in Portugal recently and I had to get a product. I picked one of their Facial Sprays, the one that seemed more relaxing and shooting for my skin that suffers from daily aggressions such as salt, sun and chlorine. I use this product as a toner, a facial mist, a primmer and a setting spray. It's an easy product to carry around that my skin loves and that I want to have on hand at all times. 

Tahitian Holiday Body Mist (Avon - 3.50€): I love body sprays in the summer. They are easy to carry around, they smell nice and they are refreshing, the perfect combo for the sunny days. The one I've been using most this Summer is this one from Avon. It has a strong and sweet sense and it smells mostly of vanilla. I love how fresh it is while still being quite a strong smell, the kind of smell I usually enjoy. 

Mineralized Skin Finish Natural Pressed Powder in Medium Plus (MAC - 32€): I don't use pressed powder often, normally to just make my concealer last when I skip foundation, but I sweat a lot in the summer time and if I am wearing makeup (something that rarely happens these days) I want it to last as long as it can. After hearing so many YouTubers I love talking about the Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural I had to give it a try. This is a lightweight powder that mattifies my skin while still making it look healthy and glowy. I think this is one of the best powders on the market for people who like me prefer a more glowy and lightweight makeup look. 

They're Real Mascara (Benefit - 29.50€): I got this mascara as a Christmas present but I only started using it around May. I had heard of it before, of course, but I had never tried it. It quickly became a favourite. It gives my lashes length and volume without being clumpy. I have gotten questioned if I got lash extensions done while wearing it. I really like this product but this one isn't my favourite Benefit mascara. If you want my honest opinion (and even though this is one of my top 5 mascaras ever!) I would recommend the Roller Lash over this one at any given day. 

And those were the 5 products I've discovered this Summer. Some of these I know will remain favourites during the colder months, others are more likely to be kept in a drawer until next Summer anyways. I truly hope you enjoyed this post and keep an eye out because there are many more to come.


  1. I bought that body spray last year for summer, reading this has made me forget how much I miss it 😂

  2. This body spray is amazng! I truly love it!