My Top 5 Makeup Brushes

I've been procrastinating washing my makeup brushes the whole Summer (shame on me) but with my return to Lisbon eminent, I had to get my shit together and give my makeup brushes a good bath. It got me thinking about how many brushes I owned and if I was to lose all of them which ones would I repurchase first, which were my essentials and why I loved them! That is where the idea for this post was born, I decided to share with you the makeup brushes that I find essential to create almost any makeup look, from face to eyes. 
Let's face it, the tools that we use to apply our makeup are as important (or even more) than the makeup we use. I truly believe that we should invest in good quality tools, they can literally last a life timed if you take good care of them, however, I don't think we need to buy the most expensive option on the market, nowadays there are many drugstore brands that have great quality brushes at an affordable price, there are literally no excuses to own bad quality tools because that only means that you won't be able to take full advantage of the products that you already own. 

Zoeva 106 Powder Brush: I've owned my Zoeva Brushes for 5 years, most of them are still in amazing shape and I wear them on the daily to create my makeup looks. Their Powder Brush is absolutely amazing, it is light and it doesn't pack powder on your skin, preventing the cakey look that most times is associated with the use of powder. I also like to use this brush at the end of my makeup if I applied a bit too much bronzer or blusher to blend everything together and give my makeup a much more natural look.

Real Techniques Blush Brush: Real Techniques started selling in physical stores in Portugal this year, and even though I had tried their brushes in the past I didn't own many and I used a 25% off promotion to get a couple more. One of them was their blush brush, I wasn't 100% convinced by its shape, it was so different from all the angle blush brushes that I already owned and I really didn't know if the shape would work for me but I tried it and I am in love. This brush is an all in one product, I can use it to apply bronzer, blush or even powder. If I lost all my brushes this one would be one to get ASAP due to its diversity. Also, I've had some Real Techniques Brushes that I've owned for more than 6 years and that still are in really great shape. 

Real Techniques Setting Brush: This is the other brush that I've got this year that made it to the favourites. I had only used fan brushes to apply my highlighter before this one came along, now I don't care for fan brushes anymore. This is the best brush out there when it comes to highlighter! Another cool thing about this brush is that you can also use it to bake under your eyes with some loose powder or to do little powder touch-ups. 

Zoeva 227 Soft Definer vegan: When it comes to the most essential eye makeup brush in my collection this one is it. I think that a good crease brush is the number one essential when it comes to eye makeup brushes. the other things eyeshadow wise you can normally due using your fingers, but to smoke a look or to blend everything together a crease brush is essential. For that reason, I own multiple crease brushes but this Zoeva one is for sure my number one favourite. 

Zoeva 226 Smudger: Experimenting with my lower lash line was one of the last things I started doing when I learned makeup because it was daunting, I felt like I could literally ruin my look just by adding colour to the lower lashes. Nowadays, it has become essential when it comes to creating eyeshadow looks, I feel like it frames my eyes and it makes everything look a lot more cohesive when it comes to the full face of makeup. What helped me learn how to do this was the Zoeva Smudger Brush, it is a really dense brush that makes the lower lash detailed application really easy. I really love this brush and I would recommend this one to anyone who is wanting to experience more with eyeshadow and bring your looks to the next level.

And these are the 5 brushes I find to be the most essential, I didn't include a foundation brush because my favourite form of application is for sure a Beauty Sponge. For me, a Beauty Sponge is the number one essential when it comes to makeup tools, but that is a post for another day. I can assure you that the brushes I recommended here are great quality, very versatile and affordable, for me, they check all the boxes and totally help my makeup looks to look a lot better and more professional. 


  1. Real Techniques will always be a fave of mine! I use the setting brush for my highlight too and it's honeslt the best I have tried!
    Alice xx

    1. oops.... honestly the best I have tried xx

    2. Yes girl! I love the Real Techniques Brushes so much! Zoeva brushes are great too and if you take good care of them they will last you a lifetime!

  2. Never tried Zoeva before...I might have to invest now

    1. Zoeva is an amazing brand I would really recommend them. I've had their brushes for so many years now and they are still as wonderful.