Project Pan: Helping the Environment & My Wallet

Without realizing I started a little project pan when it comes to my beauty stash. I have way too many things and I feel super excited to get new ones to try. Around summertime, I made the decision to only buy a product when another one of the same categories was over. For example, I would only buy a new concealer or foundation when I ran out of the one I was currently using. 

This all started the moment I decided I wanted to share my empty products with my audience, in order to give them a more complete review of the products that were part of my stash and also to update you on the things I share both here and on Instagram. I decided to start collecting all the products I was using up in a bag and once I had 10 different products I would do a series of little reviews on Insta Stories. 
The response was absolutely amazing. I got DM's talking about how helpful and interesting this series was, how cool it was to see my opinion after using a full bottle of a product and how it made me much more reliable when it came to my reviews, you could see that I really did use things up and that I wasn't just buying them for the sake of showing them on the blog (something that I have been guilty of doing in the past).

Project Pan became a full-on mission. I wanted to empty as many products as I possibly could so that I had some cool stuff to share with you. I started wearing the same makeup products on a daily bases (lipstick included, shooking, I know), the same skincare and hair care products. I stopped buying beauty stuff because of a sale and I started being really conscious about the things I allowed into my life.

For example, I've been wanting to get a new concealer for a while, either the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer (one I've used in the past and truly love) or the Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer (one that has been on my wishlist of the longest time), however, during the H&M beauty sale I got their Concealer Stick and now I am refusing to buy one I truly want until I finish the H&M one, (even though  I am really enjoying this one as well). I know I saved myself some great money while doing this because I don't buy makeup impulsively as often anymore. I still enjoy to get a few new things to try out once in a while, but I don't go crazy. I make a wishlist, if I have some extra cash I don't waste it in another lipstick that is a variation of a nude (like all the other ones I own) or in another eyeshadow pallet with which I will create a look and never use it again. 

Consequently, I became more and more aware of how wasteful the beauty industry actually is. I mean, look at your shower, if you have the most simple routine using only shampoo and shower gel you have two plastic bottles that you buy at least every two months. I personally, don't know anyone who uses only two products on their daily routines. I use shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask, shower gel, shaving cream, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, body moisturizer, body scrub, face wash, face scrub, etc. If all those products come in a plastic container and I am buying some of them every two months, if not more often, the amount of plastic that it is going to waste is immense.

I am not saying I should reduce the number of steps I do, my routine is a form of self-care, it makes me feel relaxed and good about myself and I don't want to simplify it to the point it doesn't feel that way anymore. However, tracking my beauty trash in my empties really allowed me to see what products I go trough faster, which ones I buy the most and which ones I could find more sustainable alternatives too. I currently use a bar of soap instead of shower gel, a bar of shampoo instead of a bottle of shampoo and a bamboo toothbrush. These were the first changes I made, but there are a lot of things I still want to improve when it comes to my beauty waste, I want to have a routine that feels sustainable, that includes getting rid of plastic, buying less, making smarter choices, investing in bigger bottles of products, and so on. 

I am happy with the way I am dealing with my beauty waste, how I am decluttering my collection, how I am consuming less and using things up, even if are things that have been around the house untouched for months. It helped me shop my stash and falling in love with beauty again. Also, it made beauty shopping something way more enjoyable because now, I don't do it as often and on the occasions that I do I invest in things that I love with all my heart, things I have been meaning to get for months and that bring joy to me every time I wear them. 

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