The Autumnal Favorites

October marks the beginning of Autumn, the days are getting shorter, and colder, the leaves are falling and with that, a change in the beauty stash is needed. When the colder months come, I like to create heavier looks when compared to the summer, use warmer shades on my lids, bolder dark lipstick colours (something I am missing from the edit to be fair), less shine and more coverage and A LOT of bronzer to keep me from looking like the vampire pale shade I am about to become. 

I've made a few updates to the makeup bag and today I am going to share the 5 products I have been using the most lately.

Gloss Bomb in Diamond Milk (Fenty Beauty - 18.90€): Fenty Gloss Bombs were the products that introduced lipglosses back into my life. After years of being on the matte lips and nothing else trend it felt amazing when I got the Fenty Glow shade, it quickly became part of my everyday makeup and for the season I decided it was time to get my hands on their clear gloss version. Diamond Milk is a beautiful cool tone clear gloss. The formula is amazing, it doesn't stick and it's a very hydrating product. The perfect combination to add to a heavy eye makeup look, this product will give a lighter and fresher touch to your makeup.

 Velvet Matte Lipstick in 01 Donuts Go Nut (Essence - 2.89€): I sort of rediscovered Essence makeup this past few months. This is a more affordable brand that is all I used to use in middle school than I got a bit more money (or I started spending it smarter along the way) I started investing in more expensive makeup products and parted way with drugstore brands. This lipstick has been all I've been wearing, is the perfect nude tone for me, the formula is amazing, it lasts quite well on the lips and it is a matte formula without being super drying. I love wearing it on its own or with the Fenty Gloss Bomb on top.

Lash Princess Volume Mascara (Essence - 4.19€): Keeping it on the Essence rail I had heard everyone and their mother talk about this mascara, but being that I hadn't really loved mascaras from Essence in the past it took me years to give it a try. This is probably the best affordable mascara I have ever tried. It has been my go-to and it will keep its status. It gives me full voluminous lashes without making them glue together. I truly feel like a doll when I use this mascara and for the bold eyeshadow looks I like to do in the fall time, this is the perfect addition. 

Modern Renaissance Pallet (Anastacia Beverly Hills - 55€): I have heard amazing things about ABH shadows since their firs pallet came along. This was number one at my wishlist since it came out in 2017 (if I am not mistaken). Autumn is the perfect season to wear the browns, reds, pinks on the eyes, winey warm tones, the shades of the leaves that are falling on the outside. I have been obsessed with this pallet and I truly think this is the perfect addition to any makeup bag for the season. It is also very versatile because it has many neutral and nude shades that make the purchase worth it even if you don't own many eyeshadow pallets. 

Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea (Mario Badescu - 9.90€): Once my Lavender spray was over I was converted to Mario Badescu Products. For the winter months, and because I have been dealing with breakouts a lot more, I decided to get the Green Tea one. So far I love it. This product is truly an amazing addition at an affordable price. It works as skincare, as a refresher and as a setting spray. A versatile product that really is an essential to me, and I am truly glad that the brand is now available in Portugal.

These are the products I picked for my Autumnal beauty edit, the products I've gotten recently and that quickly made it to the favorites! I truly recommend them and I am quite happy with the selection that I have presented you with. I think it's good to recommend both higher hand and hight street products in these edits too so that more people can try the recommendations I am giving! 

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