My New Year Resolutions

The good old cliché new year, new me hit me strong this year. 2019 wasn't a great year for me, I had a lot of resolutions that I didn't achieve, a lot of shit and a lot of feeling sorry for myself happened. When December came around I can say that I was DONE! Done with feeling sorry for myself, not trying hard enough and with expecting things to fall from the sky into my lap. 
I can honestly say that my mindset changed, I started to implement all the resolutions I wanted to make happen in 2020. I wanted the new year to be a fresh start but I didn't want to start to scratch. 
Today I am sharing with you my new year resolutions and what I've already done in order to implement them. 

Stop bitting my nails: I think this has been the first resolution on my list for the past 8 years, I never managed to achieve it. To be honest I never did anything to achieve it. I can proudly say that I haven't bitten my nails for 2 months now. Back at the end of November, I got my first gel manicure, since then I haven't bitten my nails. 
The fact that I am paying on a monthly bases to get my nails done, I have my hands looking beautiful at all times has boosted my self-confidence more than any hair cut, makeup or clothes I've ever bought. I hope that for the duration of the year I can keep this going, but so far it has proved itself to be easier than what I thought. It's truly amazing what we can achieve once we change our mindset and allow ourselves to make things happen. 

Workout 3 times a week: I stopped working out in May in 2020 I am yet to hit the gym (hopefully after I write this post I will be able to do so). I want to go back into working out because I miss the way it made me feel, and I am not even talking about the physical aspect of it. A gym is a place in which you are allowed to get rid of your frustrations and worries and turn them into sweat. This is going to be one of the hardest resolutions to keep up with but I will get there, sooner or later!

Go to the cinema 24 times: I love the cinema, it was my first love when I was still a child. Going to the cinema twice a month it's reasonable for me and something I've already done in 2019. I want to keep this routine up in 2020. 

Read 12 books: In a world dominated by technology, screens and being connected all the time, the need to find activities that allow us to disconnect. I plan on getting back into reading this year. One book per month is my goal, but I honestly think I am committed enough to read a lot more than that. I am currently reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown.

Learn how to make 5 salad dressings: I want to eat a lot healthier this year, for that, I decided that if I learn how to make 5 salad dressings I will be able to eat salads more often and without the sugar bombs that are store-bought dressings. This is a simple one that will make the biggest difference in the long run.

Learn how to work Pinterest: Everyone and their mothers have told me that Pinterest is where it's at when it comes to generating blogging traffic. I want to take my blog more seriously and investing my money in a Pinterest course seams the logical next step in my business as a blogger.

Travel / Visit 10 new places: To travel more is another recurring thing in my resolutions page. I am a world creature, I feel at home anywhere and nowhere at all. I want to travel more in 2020, regardless of how far, or where I want to be able to visit new places in and outside of Portugal. For that reason, I booked a trip to Huelva, Spain for new years eve. I wanted to start the new decade in a new place, somewhere I hadn't visit before. It was an amazing way to start fresh in a fresh place. I honestly hope I can keep up with all the travelling I plan on doing on top of everything else, and hopefully develop more of a travel component to the blog. 

Graduate University: The big thing to achieve this year. I will graduate from my uni degree in 2020. It's crazy to think that all that I've done for the past 16 years of school will come to an end this year. I am so proud of myself, terrified and excited at the same time because after May I will officially be a grown-up, with grown-up responsibilities. However, I am sure things will go my way because I am 100% willing to make them go my way. 

Photography: Sofia Filipe
Location: Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon  


  1. É sempre uma boa ideia partilhares os teus objetivos anuais no blog pois estás como a comprometer-te com alguém :) E são todos viaveis e vais conseguir concretizar!
    Acho que vou roubar ali o aprender a fazer molhos para saladas e molhos no geral. É um desperdicio do caraças as embalagens e não são nada saudáveis.

    Vou querer saber tudinho sobre o pinterest, também quero usa-lo mais. Mas antes quero mesmo passar a enviar a newsletter. Tenho de parar para organizar-me melhor para aprender adquirir o hábito de cada coisa e fazer um calendário em que para cada dia tenho uma tarefa especifica.

    Que 2020 seja mais fofinho contigo e que sejas muito feliz!

  2. Obrigada linda! Sim gosto sempre de me comprometer com os meus seguidores, poucos ou muitos podem sempre hold me accountable. Sim molhos são uma coisa TÃO simples e que ás vezes compramos só por comprar.
    Sim ainda tenho de encontrar um bom curso provavelmente online. Organizar-me ao máximo é algo que ando a tentar muito. Quando voltar á capital sei que será mais fácil :)
    Que 2020 seja o melhor ano so far! Beijinhos