I'm still alive || Life Update

Long time no see... I am not sure I still know how to do this, yet here we are. Hello, I'm Ana Teresa Pessoa a 22-year-old from Portugal who has been blogging for as long as she can remember yet who fails miserably at being consistent. Here I am I today (at 3AM, back into the blogging routine as if it was nothing)., to give you a little life update and spill the tea on everything that life has taught me since coming back from Paris 5 months ago. 

First and for most I GRADUATED UNI!!! (in the middle of a global pandemic) and now I feel lost AF. Well, there is not a lot I can say about this one except I feel really relieved, happy, and proud that this chapter is over. It was 4 long years of hard work and a huge set back towards the end named Covid-19. I finished my Culture and Communication degree from the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon. I am now facing a world of doubts and uncertainty about the world we currently live in. I always planned on working on event management after graduation, I never expected to have all kinds of events (including my graduation) canceled for god knows how long. This as taught me many lessons, the major one probably being that life will always go it's own way, no matter how much you think you have, the best skill you can have is your ability to adapt to everything life throws at you

Meanwhile due to our global friend Corona I moved back home. Well, temporarily at least. Mid-March Portugal announced we were on lockdown and scared I would be locked in Lisbon for god knows how long, my dad picked me up from Lisbon in a quest that could be part of any apocalyptical film and brought me home, to the sunny Algarve. Don't get me wrong, I love living in Lisbon, but I feel so lucky to be here during the quarantine. I was born in a sunny place that has become a paradise on Earth for me. If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram you will know that I have been spending most of my time at the beach, enjoying nature a little bit more than before, and feeling very grateful for the place I was lucky to be born in. moral of that story you can fly as far away as you possibly can but there is no place like home.

Another thing that has changed is that I revived my Portuguese Youtube Channel, after being asked by many (mainly my mum) to produce content in my mother tongue. Actually, that's what kept me from blogging, I needed (and still need) to learn a new format and to understand how to edit video, and that left me little to no time to focus on the blogging aspect of my digital presence. I created two videos and if you can understand Portuguese I ask you to subscribe and share my channel.  Surprisingly that has taught me that it's never too late to embrace our passion projects.

And lastly, I wanted to talk about doing what feels right. I embraced a new vision on my social media. I know I am not good with schedules or promises, I am not good at being consistent, and for a long time that combined with what other people said left me feeling like shit more often than not and incredibly unmotivated to pursue my own path. Surprise, everyone is different, there is no right or wrong way of living life. I am, now more than ever, focusing on me, my self-growth, and my self-healing. Focusing on living my life to the fullest without letting others affect how I feel, how I live, or how I see the world. I am doing me and I couldn't care less about what anyone else thinks. After all, I think this was the most important swift in my mind as of lately. 

So guys, be welcomed to a new era of this blog, the blogger behind it is proud of herself for being who she is, she is making mistakes and learning every single day, she is pushing through and working hard on understanding life as it is with all this uncertainty and constant need for adaptation. Seeking happiness is now my goal, instead of achieving x amount of followers. I feel like a new Ana compared to the person I was this time last year and IT FEELS GOOD.

Photography: Sofia Filipe
Location: Loulé, Algarve, Portugal


  1. Such energy and potential! You're ten years younger than me, but you know things and did stuff i don't remember doing with your age. Instead of seeking happiness, i would say that you should let happiness find you, wherever you are. Happiness it's not a thing to pursuit, it's something we can embrace when facing our human dimension, full of flaws and wonder. I will follow your path, you have a light and i want to see where it will lead to. Thank you for sharing this text. 😘

    1. Thank you so much Fábio. Your comment means the world to me, it totally made my day. I love how you described happiness and I agree with you, the best things in life normally find us and not the other way around. I hope you keep following my blog and you keep liking my work.
      Thank you so much for you nice words. 😘