Parisienne Makeup Menu

 It has been almost 7 months since I visited Paris, and only now I'm getting around to creating the content regarding my trip. I know, shame on me, but my mind simply wasn't in the right place and I would rather create good content about the city that is so dear to my heart. 

Today I will finally bring you my Paris Makeup Menu, which basically has a little guide on how to achieve the makeup I wore while visiting the city. I tried to inspire myself on the french classic makeup and went for a red lip and a bold eyeliner most days. This was something so out of my normal makeup routine but at the same time something that felt in some way familiar to my face.

There is nothing that the true Parisienne values more than skincare. French Pharmacy brands are known worldwide for their formulas and ingredients, so, in order to achieve the french beauty look, I took special attention to my skin prep, using the french classic Embryolise as a hydrating primer. I skipped foundation most days and used a minimal amount of concealer. To bring a little colour to my face I used my beloved Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in the shade dark chocolate. I skipped blush and highlighter as well, letting my skin breathe so much more than what I normally would on a trip. 

The Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Pallet is a travel essential in my makeup bag. Firstly it has a gigantic makeup mirror, which is great because we never know what mirrors we will have available when traveling. At the same time, it has any colour you may need to create any kind of look. This is probably my favourite all-round eyeshadow pallet (and believe me I own way too many). 
For this makeup look, however, I kept it rather simple. I used the shade Weekender all over my lid and then Riff on my crease. To give it a little shine I used the shade Blaze on my lid. This combination was simple and created the perfect simple and easy to achieve eye makeup look. 
To give it the french twist I added a winged eye-liner (fun fact: when I was in middle school I wouldn't leave the house without a winged liner, now I don't even think I can do a decent one anymore). I 100% prefer felt tip eyeliners and the one I choose for this look was the Lottie London Stamp Liner, the tip of the pen is very precise and allows us to create the perfect eyeliner look. 

The last essential in my Paris makeup bag was a bold red lipstick with a blue undertone. I picked a Ted Baker lipstick that was part of their Elegant Lip Set. The formula is out of this world, they created a creamy lipstick that stays on your lips for a long time and doesn't get everywhere, at the same time the cobalt blue and rose gold package bring a sense of luxury when using the product, something that fits with the Parisian vibe perfectly. 

Et voilà, this was the final look. A simple and fresh makeup look with two statement features. 
As I said before this type of look is quite different from what I usually do, but I felt so good while wearing it. By the end of my trip, I didn't recognize myself without red lipstick on, maybe it's my inner Parisienne that was living her best life while in the city I love the most, maybe it was just good to step out of my regular makeup routine and switch things around.

I truly hope you enjoyed this blog post, as much as I enjoyed sitting here writing it. Blogging is one of the things that brings me the most joy in life and being able to share it with you guys truly means the world.

Location: Paris, France 

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