Hello, my name is Ana and I was born 18 years ago in the sunny Algarve, Portugal. I don't live by the beach and I can't even walk to the seaside.
I've been wanting to be an actress since I can remember because I always like to play roles and feel thinks from another prespective.
I love to travel, to get to know new cultures, new countries, new people.
I like music that has a strong instrumental and lyrics that speak directly to me.
My favourite subject has always been History, I think that is fascinating to study what happened before and that brought us to where we are today.
I joined the blogoesphere in 2013 with the Portuguese blog Fashion Killer, but after a while the blog did not feel like it belonged to me so I decided to start from scratch with Anne's Perks. After a few months I turned this blog into an English only blog because I feel like it will give me more oportunities and I also feel comfortable writing in English.
Here you have a place without a specific subject where I can express myself and talk about all of my Perks (see what I did here?) without limits or chains holding me back.

I hope you enjoy knowing my world a bit better as much as I enjoy writing about it.

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